You will find below the most popular icing flavors requested and short description.
It is always a pleasure to create special flavor, simply inquire.

A light, creamy frosting made with softened butter, confectioner's sugar, egg yolks and milk or light cream. This uncooked frosting is beaten until light and creamy. It can be flavored in many ways and is used both as a filling and frosting for a variety of cakes and pastries.
A sweet, elastic icing made of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin thatīs literally rolled out with a rolling pin and draped over a cake. Itīs a smooth, firm base for gum paste flowers, decorative details, and architectural designs, and has a porcelain finish. A fondant cake should not be refrigerated.
A rich chocolate mixture made by combining chopped semisweet chocolate cream, it has a consistency denser than mousse but not as dense as fudge. It can be used as a cake glaze or as a filling, and will melt in very humid weather.
A paste made from powdered sugar, starch and soaked gum tragacanth that is used to make realistic-looking fruits and flowers for cake garnishes. Gum paste decorations are edible and will last for a long time if you want to keep them
    Royal Icing
A mixture of confectionersī sugar and egg whites, itīs a frosting that dries hard. It is often used to make filigree, beading and flower designs, and should not be refrigerated.

Nut Disclaimer: Our cakes may have nuts, nut products, or are around nuts. If you are allergic to nuts, our cakes ARE NOT for you.


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